Levi after recovering from Levi underwent several surgeries from spina bifida

Our BeginningWhere It All Started

In 2016, Sarah Olson’s second son Levi underwent several surgeries due to complications from spina bifida. After each of these surgeries, a problem emerged which would extend his hospital stay: increased pain and infection due to catheterization.

Sarah consulted doctors and did her own research to find a solution for Levi. But she soon found that no device already on the market would help her son. Levi’s doctor told Sarah that if she wanted a different solution, she would have to invent it herself. Sarah did just that — and the LECS I was created.

Meet Our Team
Scientist working at the laboratory

Why We Do What We DoMaking a Difference in Care

What started as a search for a solution to help one child soon became a mission to help other patients experiencing the same discomfort.

We know the pain and irritation the catheterization process can cause, and we have a driving passion to help ease it. When it became evident that other patients with different types of catheters could also benefit from a stabilization device, Levity Products developed a line of devices for each type of catheter to meet this need.

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LECS I Class 1 medical device

History In the MakingRevolutionizing Catheter Stabilization

With the help of doctors and scientific experts, Levity Products has developed all of its LECS devices from prototypes to Class 1 medical devices. Levity has developed devices to stabilize all types of catheters, helping adults and children worldwide heal comfortably during the catheterization process.

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